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The difference between shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, virtual machine (VPS)

Several people ask me the question: What is the difference between a:
  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual machine
What solution should I take?

Here is the answer for the well-being of all.
Shared hosting
Shared hosting is a traditional website hosting for one or more domain names for a single company. The hosting account is on a server intended for several companies and users.
Usually, this type of hosting comes with an admin panel so you can manage your solution yourself.
There are two types of platforms, Linux and Windows. Linux is the most used solution and allows for more efficient PHP programming solutions. Windows advocates the ASP and ASP.NET language.
Several providers offer a basic antispam protection solution with a supplement for a more advanced solution.
Reseller hosting
Reseller hosting normally works as shared solutions but is for organizations that have a large volume or want to sell hosting to their customers. The reseller account is on a server intended for several companies and users. On the other hand, it is possible to have dedicated solutions.
You can have sub-accounts, to manage the websites individually and give access to your customers or users.
This type of solution is very popular for graphic design firms that have website design mandates and wish to have extra income.
Dedicated server
Unlike the first two solutions, a dedicated server is a server that is intended only for a customer who takes the service. This type of solution is for larger needs or for people who want to have a server for them only.
It is the customer who wants the use of it. Here are some possible uses:
  • Website Hosting Server
  • Application server
  • Server terminal server
  • Database server
  • Mail server
  • Backup or backup server
It is possible to choose the operating system and the software that will be installed on it.
Several options are available:
  • Firewall
  •  Advanced protection system
  • VPN to secure access
  • Open Ports
  • safeguard
  •  Other
The server is normally rented and is the property of the provider. During a break, it is the responsibility of the supplier.
Virtual machine
A virtual machine operates in the same way as a dedicated server. That is, it is intended only for companies. On the other hand, it is operated on one or more physical servers, and these can be shared by several companies.
It is sometimes possible to have resources (CPU, memory, hard disk) dedicated to your solution or shared (less expensive).
What is interesting about a virtual server is the redundancy of the solution. Typically, vendors have an infrastructure with multiple servers and storage devices to provide a robust, high availability solution.
It is possible to have the same options as a dedicated server.

There are many companies that offers different types of VPS, like windows VPS server, Forex VPS server and others. 

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